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Building Character, Changing Lives

“The Woods Project helps you to really find your true potential and what you’re capable of achieving.”

“When I’m struggling with something, I know I can push through my struggles and problems and know how to solve them.”

“I see myself more self-independent. If I can climb a mountain for 9 hours, I can do many more things.”

“I learned not to doubt myself. I now know that I am a strong young lady and that I can do anything I set my mind to.”

“I’ve learned not to underestimate myself. There were several times I thought I couldn’t do it, but in the end I managed to do it so I learned not to say “I can’t do it” if I haven’t even tried doing it.”

“I have to try my best at everything I do. This program taught me grit and perseverance.”


  • After-School Clubs, hosted at several of our Houston School Partners. The curriculum for club promotes a bigger vision of the world and includes projects related to both outdoor and environmental studies. Students learn everything from Leave No Trace principles to how to work as a team to conquer everyday challenges.
  • Fall and Spring Weekend Trips, including environmental service projects, backpacking, canoeing and kayaking programs in the national forests and park areas near Houston. These activities are intended to improve self-esteem, self-reliance and leadership skills while giving the students a preview of the challenges they will encounter during the summer session.


The school-year programming prepares students for the core of our program, which is an intensive two-week summer trip at locations around the country. Students spend their time at nationally recognized wilderness institutes which offer in-depth work in the sciences, journaling, creative writing, and more. In addition to the academic sessions, students participate in a 5-night backpacking trip covering 30-40 miles over mountain peaks at places like Yosemite and Glacier National Park. The summer immersion session reinforces the lessons learned during the school year and exposes the students to a wide variety of new experiences that serve to further develop the character strengths and life skills necessary to function effectively in the college environment and beyond.